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A Las Vegas Accident Lawyer Ready to Maximize Your Recovery

Sep 6

If you get into an auto accident in Las Vegas, NV there are essential steps you must take to build a strong case. It is vital to hire a Las Vegas accident lawyer from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys Las Vegas within the shortest time possible.

Las Vegas accident attorney understand the importance of evidence in proving fault and how the accident affected you. The more documentation we have to support your claim, the more likely we will obtain a fair settlement on your behalf. Therefore, we walk the extra mile to acquire and preserve the following evidence.

The Police Accident Reports

Insurance companies need as much information about auto accidents as possible. This information includes when the accident happened and who was involved. It makes police reports one of the crucial elements in your case. The reports include all the facts and vital details of the accident. Our Las Vegas accident attorney also uses the officer’s opinion of who’s at fault, especially when one driver breaks the traffic laws.

Evidence from the Accident Scene

That’s why we take the time to gather relevant evidence at the scene of the accident. This includes the name, address, vehicle plate numbers, and insurance information of the drivers involved. We also obtained the employer’s name and contact information.

Our accident lawyer in Las Vegas also obtains photographs and video footage to document the accident. These can include:

  • Photos of all the vehicles involved
  • Pictures of any crash debris on the scene
  • Images of road defects and obscured traffic signs
  • Close-up shots of property damage
  • Video footage of the crash

Eyewitness Statements

Eyewitnesses often have firsthand information that can help in building your case. They can help prove the negligent driver’s actions in the moments leading to the collision Car Accident Attorney Las Vegas. We combine accounts of the accident with photographs and video surveillance to piece together how the accident occurred.

Evidence from Expert Witnesses

The best thing about choosing our auto accident lawyer in Las Vegas is that we have the resources to help with your case. We have established professional relationships with expert witnesses with extensive experience in subjects relevant to your case. We work with these professionals to address confusing topics and highlight key issues.

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