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Compassionate and Experienced Birth Injury Lawyer

Oct 25

One of the challenges of a birth injury claim in Smithtown, NY is knowing the proper amount to seek in a settlement. It might not be easy to know early in your kid’s life what they’ll need in the future. Making this situation even more difficult is that you have 24 months from the time of the birth injury to file a case. A compassionate and skilled birth injury lawyer in Smithtown, NY will work with many specialists to establish what you might be due. This calculation isn’t a back-of-the-envelope that you can afford to make a mistake since you need this money to take care of your baby in the future.

So, you’ll have to negotiate with the insurance firm and a health facility to get the proper compensation if you opt to settle the case. When it comes to dealing with huge numbers, there will be a broader gap in your figures that you’ll need to surmount that need helps from Long Island Birth Injury Lawyers.

You have some leverage, though. Let's assume you can convince the court of the doctor’s carelessness. Severely injured kids are sympathetic plaintiffs. Defendants are legitimately afraid to go to court if they find out you have a stronger case since they will pay more.

What Our Long Island Birth Injury Attorney Will Do for Your Lawsuit

Working with an experienced birth injury attorney Long Island has numerous benefits, such as:

The lawyer knows how to obtain records you might use to prove the case

The attorney will choose the right professional witness and work with them to assist in proving that the physician deceased from the standards of care needed under the condition.

The Long Island Birth Injury Lawyers will work with other professionals to place a good value on the number of injuries you should seek.

Medical malpractice insurance firms and hospitals know the higher stakes and might try to fight against your lawsuit or reduce your settlement. An experienced birth injury attorney in Long Island knows how to deal with such cases.

Contact a Birth Injury Attorney in Long Island

If your baby suffered birth injuries, you’d have fought a legal battle to get the settlement you deserved when the physician was at fault. Our Long Island Birth Injury Lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese will handle your case and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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